Automated Vegas

Picture arriving at a hotel only to breeze by the front desk line because you can check-in and unlock your guestroom by the power of your smartphone. Once settled, browse the dinner menu and customize your order without making a single call. Adjust the lighting, temperature, and overall ambiance of your suite by a central control panel. That’s where automation has taken us, but it doesn’t end there.

Technology has made decision making on-the-go much easier for travelers. It’s changed the face of how we vacation. Now Vegas hotels have taken it to the next customized level by delivering unique, upgraded experiences before a guest even has to ask.

The future of automation means you’ll virtually have everything you need with the flick of a switch, the swipe of a screen, or a voice command to your digital device. Our newest infographic shows the evolution of technology and how it has shaped Las Vegas to what it is today and what else we can expect in the future.

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Automated Vegas Infographic

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