Each of ARIAs pools is a unique ellipse shape and named after local vegetation.

Our Treatments

How do you choose?

In this moment, how do you decide between the restorative benefits of a Deep Tissue Thai Massage, and the blissful relaxation of an Essential Stone Massage? Between a Clay Aromatherapy Wrap and a Detoxifying Body Ritual?

The menu of treatments at The Spa & Salon at ARIA is immeasurable— so take your time, and experience all we have to offer.


Promenade Level, adjacent to the pool


Spa: 5 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Salon: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.




Reservations can be taken up to three months in advance. We suggest making your reservations as far in advance as possible due to limitations on select appointments.



Please check in at the Fitness Center.

Signature Series

Sport Therepeutic Stretch  | 30 minutes | $50 per person
A complete one-on-one full-body static stretch perfect for flexibility, designed for your personal needs. Helps to improve posture and strengthen the muscles. An excellent addition to your pre- or post-workout.

Wellness Program  | 90 minutes | $150 per person
A complete wellness program to include body fat testing, an introductory program design, followed by a total body workout, ending with a cool-down stretch.

Infared Full-Body Composition Testing  | 20 minutes | $20 per person
State-of-the-art body fat analysis that subdivides the total weight of body fat into three separate categories: essential, reserve and excess. Printed results provided to every guest with testing.

Combat Cardio  | 60 minutes | $50 per person
Put yourself in a fighter's shoes and train as if you're getting ready for a match. A mix of boxing, martial arts and conditioning provides the perfect way to burn fat, reduce stress and improve balance, flexibility, coordination, and endurance.

Indoor Hike  | 60 minutes | $50 per person
Experience some of the best hiking outside and inside the most scenic areas of ARIA with this exhilarating, heart-pumping workout that focuses on the whole body and stimulates the mind.

Classic Series

Personal One-On-One Training Sessions  | 30 minutes $45 per person | 60 minutes $85 per person

Private Group Training Sessions (2+ People)  | 60 minutes | $50 per person

Ab Warm-Up  | 30 minutes | $45 per person
This class is for anyone who wants to tone their abs and strengthen core muscles. It encompasses various tempos, movements, ranges of motion, and equipment. Great for any skill level.

Body Sculpt/Strength Training  | 60 minutes | $50 per person
This instructive experience is designed to both educate the novice and challenge the accomplished fitness enthusiast. Build strength, increase muscular endurance and enhance agility by using free weights, elastic tubes, body bars, stability balls, and your own body weight. These essential controlled movements will sculpt the entire body.

Cardio Fix  | 60 minutes | $50 per person
A nonstop total body workout that keeps you moving around the room to a number of different stations. It utilizes a combination of different interval drills that allow for superior calorie-burning while challenging your strength and endurance.

Jivamukti Yoga  | 60 minutes | $50 per person
A vigorous, challenging form of vinyasa asana practice (flowing poses) infused with an inspiring musical soundtrack, where original scriptures are cited, Sanskrit is chanted and a prelude to meditation is performed at the end of every class session.

Pilates  | 60 minutes | $85 per person
A fitness method for everyone, Pilates conditions the whole body to improve strength, flexibility, posture, and balance. The instructor will assess your level as well as modify your routine to achieve your desired results. By appointment only.

Power Yoga  | 60 minutes | $50 per person
All levels are welcome to attend as the practitioner takes you as far as you are able to go. Sweat, strength and stillness will be part of the experience in a combination of flow and static vinyasa poses.

Spinning  | 60 minutes | $50 per person
As you cycle to heart-pumping music, the instructor will use verbal commands and sometimes visual imagery to guide you through this exhilarating class.