Each of ARIAs pools is a unique ellipse shape and named after local vegetation.


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活力が沸いてくるディープ ティシュー タイ式マッサージ ? それとも、最高にリラックスできるエッセンシャル ストーン マッサージでしょうか ? クレイ アロマテラピー ラップや、デトキシファイイング ボディー マッサージも魅力的です。


ザ スパ & サロン アット アリア(The Spa & Salon at ARIA)の豊富なトリートメント メニューを、お時間の許す限りお試しください。 


Promenade Level, adjacent to the pool


Spa: 5 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Salon: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.




Reservations can be taken up to three months in advance. We suggest making your reservations as far in advance as possible due to limitations on select appointments.


Face + Body

Signature Series

Bridal Up-do with Director / $130+
Consult with our Artistic Director to have a unique wedding style custom designed for your special day. Includes hair accessory placement.

Bridal Makeup/ $150
Your skin is first prepped to create an even canvas for a perfect makeup application. Bridal makeup is performed with a Temptu airbrush that uses a micronized mist of foundation professionally blended to match your skin tone leaving a flawless photo-ready finish for your special day with no need for touch-ups. Includes temporary strip or individual lashes and a special take-home gift.

Bridal Diamond Facial  |  50 minutes / $250  |  80 minutes / $350
Designed to be the most relaxing facial without extractions, acids or irritations, the Bridal Diamond Facial is the ultimate treat to prepare for your special day. Added features for skin perfection, including eye, lip and décolleté enhancement masks, make this sensational gemstone massage a powerful treatment with illuminating results.

Bridal Signature Aromatherapy Massage  |  50 minutes / $185
Create a one-of-a-kind therapeutic massage by consulting with your Massage Therapist. Determine pressure and focus to design a service that is unique to you. Includes a cooling eye treatment for your special day.

Bridal Advanced Hydrafacial  |  50 minutes / $320  |  80 minutes / $405
This treatment includes our popular Advanced Hydrafacial combined with eye, lip and décolleté enhancement masks to perfect the skin and prepare for your special day. The Bridal Advanced Hydrafacial is the perfect preparation for makeup application or ideal for brides who prefer a natural look at its best. Plumping, smoothing, firming, and hydrating elements all work together to achieve amazing results.

Bridal Gold Manicure and Pedicure  |  50-minute Manicure / $90  |  50-minute Pedicure / $150
Enhance your wedding day with ARIA’s Premier Gold Manicure & Pedicure. The luminous properties of gold come to life giving your skin radiant beauty. The finest salts from the Dead Sea smooth and soften your skin while our transforming mask gives an illuminating and youthful appearance. Mineral-infused body butter is massaged into your hands and feet for a brilliant glow in a state of ultimate relaxation. A celebratory glass of champagne and the polish of your choice are included. Receive a special gift of the Gold Elements

Classic Series

Bridal Up-do /  $125+
Consult with an ARIA Stylist to have a unique wedding hairstyle custom designed for your special day. Includes hair accessory placement.