Each of ARIAs pools is a unique ellipse shape and named after local vegetation.


Cosa scegliere?


In questo momento, come potete decidere se regalarvi un Massaggio Thai Deep Tissue rigenerante o l'esperienza rilassante di un Massaggio Essential Stone? O scegliere tra un trattamento Clay Aromatherapy Wrap e un Detoxifying Body Ritual?


La scelta di trattamenti disponibili presso la Beauty farm e il Salone di bellezza dell'hotel ARIA è praticamente infinita: perciò non affrettatevi e scoprite con calma tutto ciò che possiamo offrirvi. 


Promenade Level, adjacent to the pool


Spa: 5 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Salon: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.




Reservations can be taken up to three months in advance. We suggest making your reservations as far in advance as possible due to limitations on select appointments.


Massage Therapies


Please check in at the Spa Desk before your treatment.

Signature Series

Reflexology | 50 minutes / Su-Th $160 / F-Sa $170 
Our reflexology-inspired treatment is combined with hot stones for the ultimate relaxation of your hands, feet, neck, shoulders, and scalp.

Signature Therapeutic Massage
 | 25 minutes / Su-Th $100 / F-Sa $110 | 50 minutes / Su-Th $160 / F-Sa $170 | 80 minutes / Su-Th $245 / F-Sa $255
100 minutes / Su-Th $320 / F-Sa $330
Light to deep pressure, this massage is designed specifically for you. Consult with your Massage Therapist to create a custom full-body massage, focusing on particular areas to provide stress relief, ease tension, or just “get the knots out.”

Ashiatsu Massage | 50 minutes / Su-Th $180 / F-Sa $190 | 80 minutes / Su-Th $270 / F-Sa $280
With “ashi” meaning “foot” and “atsu” meaning “pressure,” this blend of Shiatsu and Swedish Massage techniques is perfect for those who want more pressure in their massage. Our highly skilled Therapists massage your back, neck and shoulders with their feet while supported by bars on the ceiling.

Shiatsu Massage | 50 minutes / Su-Th $180 / F-Sa $190 | 80 minutes / Su-Th $270 / F-Sa $280
ARIA’s Shiatsu Massage specialists incorporate compression and pressure point work with stretching to open the body’s energetic pathways, providing a relaxing and energizing experience. Muscles are relaxed, the body is lengthened and the mind is cleared by this 2,000-year-old tradition of healing. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Thai Massage | 50 minutes / Su-Th $180 / F-Sa $190 | 80 minutes / Su-Th $270 / F-Sa $280
Thai Massage uses stretching, muscle compression, acupressure, and joint mobilization to create a deep sense of balance, increased energy and flexibility. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Thai Poultice Massage | 50 minutes / Su-Th $190 / F-Sa $200 | 80 minutes / Su-Th $280 / F-Sa $290
Based on centuries-old Thai healing practices, this massage soothes away tension with warm traditional poultices infused with lemongrass, ginger and prai extract. Steamed poultices are rhythmically pressed into areas of muscle tension and incorporated into a full-body massage.

Thai Fusion| 80 minutes / Su-Th $275 / F-Sa $285 | 100 minutes / Su-Th $345 / F-Sa $355
Performed on a table, this treatment is the perfect way to experience Thai-style stretching combined with traditional Swedish massage.

Essential Stone Massage | 80 Minutes / Su-Th $290 / F-Sa $300
This is our most luxurious and relaxing experience. Therapists massage with warm stones and place a combination of seasonal essential oils along the chakra points of your back to create a soothing, nurturing experience. Pressure can vary to your preference.

Sports Massage |  100 minutes / Su-Th $360 / F-Sa $370 
Whether a weekend warrior or an elite professional, this massage is designed with the athlete in mind. Therapists use an application of heated herbal packs, stretching and sport massage techniques to aid muscle recovery and improve flexibility, creating symmetry and overall balance within the body.

Classic Series

Expecting Mother’s Massage | 50 minutes / Su-Th $160 / F-Sa $170
Pamper yourself with a light-pressured Swedish massage designed for the second and third trimesters only.

Hot Stone Massage | 50 minutes / Su-Th $185 / F-Sa $195 | 80 minutes / Su-Th $270 / F-Sa $280
Warm basalt stones are incorporated into our Signature Therapeutic Massage, creating a deeper sense of relaxation, increased circulation and improved flexibility.

Couples Aromatherapy Massage | 50 minutes / Su-Th $185 per person / F-Sa $195 per person| 80 minutes / Su-Th $270 per person / F-Sa $280 per person
An experience for two, soothe muscle tension and awaken the senses with our exclusive aromatherapy oil blend. This customizable, Swedish-style massage will allow your stress to melt away while relaxing in a soothing environment.

In-Room Massage | 60 minutes / Su-Th $240 / F-Sa $250 | 90 minutes / Su-Th $330/ F-Sa $350
Enjoy a therapeutic massage in the privacy of your own room. Consult with your Massage Therapist to create a custom full-body massage focusing on particular areas to provide relaxation, ease tension or just “get the knots out.”

In Spa Massage Therapy Enhancements

Not available for Shiatsu or Thai Massage

Aromatherapy | $25
Choose from our signature aromatherapy blends or single-note essential oils to create a more relaxing, uplifting or detoxifying massage experience.

Fijian Scalp Treatment | $25 
For centuries, coconut oil has been used to strengthen and nourish the hair follicles, leaving your hair soft and silky.

Moroccanoil Hydrating Hair Mask | $25
Counter the drying effects of the Las Vegas desert with an ultra hydrating mask.

Signature Scrub | $25
Refresh tired legs and feet with your choice of our signature scrubs.

Warm Stone Leg and Foot Treatment | $25 
Soothe your legs and feet with our stone massage complimented with warm toe stones.

Green Tea Eye Treatment | $25
Soothe tired or strained eyes with green tea compresses rich in anti-oxidants. Includes a face massage with cool marble stones.