The white rounds that decorate the outer walls of Jean Georges Steakhouse represent bone rounds. 


You crave more than just a refined cuisine.

You hunger for short rib braised by a three-star Michelin chef that lets your knife goes untouched. A cabernet selected by one of the world’s 186 Certified Master Sommeliers that changes what risotto means to you, and absinthe expertly prepared to follow today’s selection of scallops.

The credentials of our roster of culinary talent go beyond expert training and esteemed awards. Take a bite, and you’ll know.

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten

EXECUTIVE CHEF, Jean Georges Steakhouse


Alsce, France

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten | Bio

Born and raised on the outskirts of Strasbourg in Alsace, France, Jean-Georges earliest family memories are about food. He trained in a work-study program at the Auberge de I’Ill and as an apprentice to chef Paul Haeberlin, later working with Paul Bocuse and Master Chef Louis Outhier at L’Oasis in the south of France.
Jean-Georges traveled Asia for positions in the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, the Meridien Hotel in Singapore and the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong.
Involved in every aspect of his restaurants, from concept and menu to architectural design, staff selection and finishing touches, he and partner Phil Suarez have worked together for more than 18 years to create restaurants that are both timely and enduring.